Homeowners can’t seem to get enough of quartz countertops and other similar engineered stone, here are some tips to help clean and maintain the appearance of your quartz countertop in your home.

1. Select the right stone

Choosing the right type of stone for an area is key, as quartz and many other engineered stones don’t require sealing, most are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, however, choosing a dark colour will show signs of wear earlier than a lighter colour. If you are wanting to have a benchtop that’s dark you will need to be extra careful when using it.

2. Daily cleaning

Wondering how to clean quartz countertops? It’s very simple, clean, warm & soapy water will generally do the trick, magic erasers and microfibers should be used as a scratch-free way of cleaning marks and grime from your stone. Mild Alkaline cleaners can also be used, as well as store-bought cleaners but most are an unnecessary added expense. For silicon-based marks, use methylated spirits NEVER use paint thinners.

3. Stain removal

Got a stain? Wondering how to remove stains from quartz countertops? Generally, most stubborn stains can be removed using the suppliers cream cleaner, Caesarstone for example has its own brand of cream cleaner that will successfully remove many stains with ease. If you’re unsure of the brand of cleaner or stone, there are many options at your local hardware store. A product we use frequently here at 1st Choice Fix is Gumption or Busta cream cleaner. Both must be used with care and as always test a small area before committing to wiping it over your stone. A damp microfiber and a cream cleaner should do the trick. Diluted bleach can also be used in some cases, as well as toothpaste.

4. Chips and cracks

Wondering how to repair a chip or crack in quartz stone? Well besides calling 1st Choice Fix and getting a professional repair at an affordable price. There are some things worth trying yourself. For instance, a matching grout may do the trick, same for silicon. You can also try using a 2 part epoxy to fill the mark then paint to match. You can also build up layers of paint to fill the gap or chip. All these repairs are short-term and won’t be as high of quality as 1st Choice Fix’s UV cured colour matched repair but it may help you out of a tricky spot.

5. Protecting while in use

Here at 1st Choice Fix, we see the results of misuse or accidents causing permanent damage to quartz stone all the time. A major issue is heat marks, if your hand can’t withstand the heat of a pot, then do not place it on the stone. This will result in burn marks on the resin of the stone, which is very time consuming and laborious to remove. Another is oven cleaner, oven cleaner is extremely alkaline which will etch the surface of your stone leaving a dull patch.

Protecting your surfaces with heat boards, chopping boards and other coverings will extend the life of your stone dramatically, when you forget, or need a quality chip repair.

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