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Scratch Removal

Servicing Commercial, Residential, Marine and Automotive industries, 1st Choice Fix has the tools, experience, and ability to remove scratches from a variety of glass in any situation. Our glass repair service offers glass scratch removal, glass graffiti removal and much more at an affordable price all while saving our clients time and the hassle of replacement and the disruption this can cause.

Scratched Glass is often thought of as an only replaceable problem, many builders, homeowners and alike are not aware that glass scratch repair is possible. 1st Choice Fix has a commitment to giving you the results you would expect with replacement, at a dramatically reduced price. Saving not only your pocket, but the environment and time.

window scratch before and after

How does it work?

Light scratches that are visible only to the eye but not to touch can generally be polished out quickly. Deeper scratches that catch a fingernail require sanding, removing the scratches then polishing out the “haze” caused by the sanding. There isn’t much that 1st Choice Fix Glass Repair service can’t repair.

The bigger the area the quicker the process per scratch, one single scratch generally takes an hour, but hundreds of scratches over 1m2 takes 3-5 hours. Limited only by proximity to the edge, our glass restoration services offer’s an unparalleled finish.

Glass Restoration and Repair


Restoring damaged glass whether it be from water, chemical or other contaminates generally isn’t as labour or time intensive as Glass Scratch removal, polishing off the contaminates, the damaged glass can be made clear.

Shower Screens, Pool Fences, Marine & Automotive glass is generally some of the most common types of glass 1st Choice Fix works on. Once we remove the contaminates (abrasion and/or chemically) we polish the glass surface smooth again, removing any etching. We can also offer our glass protection services with EnduroShield to protect it in the future.

1st Choice Fix is the new standard of Glass Technician offering top shelf service and results at incredibly competitive prices. Send through a request for quote, and we can provide you with an estimate, send through a competitor quote and we will do our best to beat it, however 1st Choice Fix may have to attend to give a firm quote.

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