Enduroshield Sealant Application

EnduroShield Sealants – Glass, Stainless, Tile & Grout

1st Choice Fix are accredited applicators for the EnduroShield protective coating system, EnduroShield Professional is a protective coating that chemically bonds to the surface, creating a non-stick barrier that resists corrosion, soap scum and staining. Cleaning is made easier and less frequent by up to 90% and guaranteed for up to 10 years! EnduroShield glass treatment is their flagship product. Constantly improved by EnduroShield’s chemists to ensure its quality and reputation never falter. 1st Choice Fix is certified, trained and takes pride in professional, prompt, and affordable EnduroShield Professional Application.

EnduroShield is completely invisible and does not change or alter the appearance of the surface. EnduroShield provides both hydrophobic and oleophobic (water and oil repellency) protection, reducing both staining and etching that often forms in shower recesses, kitchen splashbacks, high-rise buildings, and other areas where glass is subjected to harsh conditions. The EnduroShield molecule is highly resistant to chemical breakdown by ultraviolet light giving it long term stability. EnduroShield will eliminate the need to use harsh and often toxic cleaners needing only a simple wipe with a microfibre cloth and water or a mild detergent to keep surfaces clean.

EnduroShield before and after on Glass
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Warranty for EnduroShield Professional applied by an accredited applicator

  • 10 Years for new glass when applied within a month of install (harsh environments may require quicker treatments)
  • 10 Years for restored glass back to new condition
  • 5 years for existing glass restored, but staining is still present *permanent etching still visible on fog test*
  • 5 years for new tiles & grout
  • 5 years for restored tiles with grout replaced. *Please note warranty does not cover mould in the grout of existing tiles when grout is replaced*
  • 3 years for stainless steel new & restored

1st Choice Fix will supply easy to clean instructions specific to your environment. We also offer the option to purchase a Cleaning Kit that has been tested by EnduroShield not to damage the coating at cost price with any EnduroShield Application.

Glass Restoration and Repair

See It In Action

EnduroShield Treated Glass

EnduroShield Treated Glass

EnduroShield glass treatment, tile & grout treatment and stainless steel treatment all have massive time and money saving benefits you can take advantage of around your home or business. Using an EnduroShield professional applicator like 1st Choice Fix ensures perfect EnduroShield application to all your surfaces. As preparation is key when applying EnduroShield it pays to use a certified EnduroShield Applicator. Not only do you get a perfect application, but you have the peace of mind knowing your getting the best quality EnduroShield on the market and the warranty to match.

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