Mould is often found in wet areas with grout where in addition to it just being unpleasant to look at, exposure can also cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

In order to avoid this, we’ve provided some easy and effective ways for you to prevent mould and grime build-up from forming on your grout.


When it comes to mould, prevention is the most effective way of reducing the time required when cleaning. One of the best ways to prevent grout mould from growing in your wet areas is having adequate airflow and ventilation.

Always try to leave a window open to allow good air circulation in your bathrooms and kitchen areas. Sufficient natural light can also reduce the amount of mould growing in these areas too. If your bathroom or kitchen doesn’t have a window, you can just leave the exhaust fan on for a longer period of time.


Grime and soap build-up on top of the grout, giving mould spores somewhere to start and eventually growing into the grout. A great way to prevent this is by sealing your grout.

Once the grout is sealed, water won’t be able to seep into the grout, reducing the chance of mould.

Applying EnduroShield to your grout creates a substantial difference. Combined with regular cleaning, this magic combination successfully removes the mould and prevents further growth for longer periods of time.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning reduces the likelihood of mould taking over your bathrooms and kitchens. While some believe that bleaching areas are necessary, this isn’t always the case.

A good Alkaline clean and scrub once a week/fortnight will remove all the soap scum, fats & oils. Since mould takes time to grow and spread, regular cleaning stops the process.

Applying Essential Oil

An important thing to note is that in humid climates, such as Queensland, regular cleaning alone may not cut it, especially in the spring and summer.

So, what do you do? Spray these mouldy areas monthly with Oil of Cloves.

Oil of Cloves, or clove oil, is an easy-to-use and affordable essential oil that is extracted from the clove plant. Say goodbye to scrubbing and chemical exposure – it truly doesn’t take much to get incredible results.

Use a 1 or 2L spray bottle, fill it up with water, add half a teaspoon to a full teaspoon of Oil of Cloves and spray the wet areas after your regular cleaning.

This will kill all spores and prevent mould from ever getting a grip on your grouts.

My Grout is Past the Point of No Return

If your grout has had mould on it for periods of time, bleach, EnduroShield and Cloves of Oil may not be enough.

For more severe cases, chlorine may help but most of the time grout replacement is the only option. If you decide to take this route, consider using acrylic grout. This grout isn’t porous which leaves no space for mould to seep into.

This is an additional cost but is guaranteed to prevent mould problems indefinitely.

Let’s Mould-Proof Your Home

Mould can be a pain to get rid of and poses a health concern to you and your family. 1st Choice Fix is a team of friendly experts who prioritise your home’s cleanliness and improve the overall feel. Our experience enables us to provide a variety of solutions and services, from sealant appliance to tile restoration.

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