Glass furniture is a fantastic way to lighten up your office, look professional and sleek. The only downside is glass can appear dirty quicker than normal timber furniture or alike, and fingerprints can forever make you frustrated. In this article, we are going to explain some easy steps and tips to help maintain your glass’s appearance, cut down on cleaning times and general advice on how to care for your glass.

How to Clean a Cloudy Glass Tabletop?

To start, there is no need to spend money buying glass cleaning products. Most are overpriced and some actually damage your glass in the long term. Most of what you should use to clean your glass you already have, here is what I use most commonly.

Water, Dishwashing liquid, methylated spirits & vinegar.

That’s it! Each has a different purpose but generally your go-to is going to be a spray bottle (reuse something under your sink) fill it ¾ of the way with water, add a few drops of dishwashing liquid, then top it up with white vinegar. Boom, you’ve got the best glass cleaner for about $1!

Now this cleaner is ideal for fingerprints, removing cloudiness from glass and just general cleaning. The Dish soap cuts through oils and lifts dirt, the vinegar helps remove more stubborn marks. Combine this with a magic sponge or microfiber and wipe away.

Paper towels are good but can leave lint. And don’t use newspaper like grandma did, you’ll leave tiny scratches on the surface of the glass which over time will make the glass appear cloudy or hazy.

Use the least amount of cleaner possible and polish in a circular motion to avoid smear marks. If your glass is extra dirty replace the cloth and do it again.

Still not clean enough for you? Or struggling with smear marks? Alright well, your technique probably needs some work but in the meantime get a fresh lint-free cloth or paper towel and a bottle of metho. Slightly dampen the cloth and wipe it down again, how’s that?

How to Keep it Looking Clean Longer

Now your glass is all sparkling clean you’re probably wishing it would look like that in a week or months time. But fact is, dust is going to settle so dusting occasionally will help. I keep a microfiber at my desk and wipe down the most used areas regularly.

A fantastic tip is to just not use the area? Alright, that might not be helpful. Using placemats, coasters and timber protectors on the bottom of your items are all good ways to prevent scratching and reduce smearing. Keeping windows closed when not in the room will reduce dust, as will regular vacuuming of carpets.

I have sealed all my glass furniture with EnduroShield Professional and this makes cleaning a breeze. You can buy a DIY kit online and treat it yourself, or give 1st Choice Fix a call and we can seal it for you. This seals the glass, reducing cleaning massively but is an added expense. The easiest way to maintain it is to regularly wipe it down and not let dirt and grime build up.

There you have it, a cheap and easy to make glass cleaner, and some tips to maintain the appearance of your glass. Enjoy!