Glass coatings or sealants are a protective barrier between your glass and the external elements. Most coatings are applied as a liquid and are completely invisible, while some other coatings are more of a film or tint. EnduroShield is a nanotechnology-based liquid that’s applied directly to the glass, either DIY or by a professional like 1st Choice Fix. EnduroShield is completely invisible, sealing the glass with a layer that is only a few microns thick, there is no peeling or chipping like some other less durable coatings and this is why it’s gained the trust of homeowners and businesses alike.

There are many glass coating products on the market and major differences between different brands or options. DIY EnduroShield is an easy to apply coating with a 3-year warranty. Here at 1st Choice Fix, we recommend using a professional like ourselves who are accredited to apply EnduroShield Professional. We offer 10-year warranties on all new glass coated with EnduroShield PRO applied by us. In most cases, we are cheaper than the DIY option if you factor in re-application costs every 3 years.

Why Should You Treat Your Glass?

Treating glass with a glass coating product like EnduroShield offers many benefits, While reducing cleaning times is a massive factor to most of our customers, we believe that preventing mineral etching to be one of the greatest benefits of EnduroShield. That shower of yours that might have white water spots that just won’t clean off, wouldn’t have been a problem if coated and looked after.

I’ve had many a customer blown away by how easy it is to maintain their pool fencing and balustrades after EnduroShield was applied. Even a simple hose down will greatly improve the clarity of your glass compared to untreated glass that’s hosed leaves ugly run marks. When treated most water beads off, leaving only small dots of clean water. Combine this with a quick squeegee and you’ll have new glass after each clean!

How to Maintain Treated Glass.

With over 10 years’ experience in the industry, 1st Choice Fix has worked with many different brands of nanotechnology based coatings. We have determined EnduroShield to be the most durable and independent studies conducted by TUV in Germany have backed these claims.

That being said most coating have similar care instructions, always check with the instructions of your own coating if it’s not EnduroShield as the following instructions are based on EnduroShield’s care instructions.

Internal Glass Coating

For internal glass, like splashbacks and balustrades, a damp microfiber wipe-down is recommended. Microfibers are soft and pick up a lot of dirt, most glass coating products will recommend a microfiber as the preferred cloth choice. If there is a lot of oil built up on a splash-back for instance, a mild alkaline cleaner will help cut through the oil, a few drops of dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle will make wiping up oil splashes much easier than just water alone.

External Glass Coating

For Shower Screens, Pool Fencing, Balustrades and External Glass a different approach will save you time and keep the glass looking great.

Firstly hose down the glass to remove dirt, If you have a detachable showerhead hosing down the shower screen after each shower will greatly reduce cleaning time. For external glass hosing it down will remove dirt from the coating, Abrasive cleaners & dirt can damage the coating over prolonged exposure and wiping dirt and grit over the coating will eventually damage the coating which should be treated almost like a glass clear coat.

After hosing down the glass, a simple wipe with a damp microfiber and a squeegee off will provide an excellent result. You can add dishwashing liquid to the cleaning water as well as white vinegar at a 25% dilution to provide extra cleaning power. Generally, vinegar is reserved for Shower Screens and Pool fencing where sprinklers come into contact with the glass regularly.

A magic sponge or white eraser sponge (like what you would clean painted walls with) can provide a good alternative to white scourers. These are safe for almost all coating including EnduroShield when used wet or damp. 1st Choice Fix includes these in our cleaning kits as we believe they are of great value to our clients.

Best in Class Service

To date, 1st Choice Fix has never received any warranty or cleaning issues associated with EnduroShield Pro. We take pride in professional application and service. We provide in-depth cleaning instructions and cleaning kits with all our applications. We believe if you are paying to have a professional service, you shouldn’t be expected to purchase additional cleaning products. This is why we are the 1st Choice for many homeowners, builders and alike. For a quote or assessment of your glass, feel free to fill out our contact form or call Jaxon on 0401 487 558. We are here to help you maintain your surfaces and we take pride in our ability to offer EnduroShield Professional at a great price.