You may clean your floors regularly, but what about your countertops, glass windows and doors? With kids, pets and time, your surfaces are subject to scratches, dirt, and damage, making your property look a bit out-of-sorts.

To enhance the appearance of your property’s surfaces, we’ve provided a helpful guide on how to incorporate and maintain proper care and cleaning techniques.


Let’s start with floors.

Your floor is the largest surface that draws attention when you first walk into a room, so it’s best practice to ensure your floors are kept in pristine condition, regardless of the material.

Timber floors require the most general upkeep where scratches, scuffs and other damage are bound to occur. Fortunately, your hardwood floors can be repaired by sanding and applying a good polyurethane (resin) seal, drastically improving their appearance.

Chips, cracks, and scratches in stone, tiles and polished concrete floors tend to attract the eye, so it’s good to have these repaired straight away. 1st Choice Fix can hone and seal the damage, adding in an extra layer of protection that protects your surfaces from water seeping in (which would eventually cause far more damage!). We can colour-match your surface where you won’t be able to tell there was even damage in the first place. Some sealants even have colour enhancement properties that bring out the natural colour of your stone, giving it a sleek look.


Having clean and transparent glass goes a long way. Unfortunately, it is another commonly forgotten surface that needs to be properly looked after.

Over time, the surface on windows, doors, shower screens, pool fences, balustrades, and splashbacks become cloudy with soap scum and mineral etching, damaging the surface of your glass. This is often due to poor maintenance and cleaning techniques. Dirty windows, especially when scratched, reduce precious natural light from coming in, affecting your view of the garden or Brisbane skyline.

1st Choice Fix has the tools, experience, and ability to remove, repair and restore your glass properly. If cleaning your glass regularly is difficult and time-consuming, consider having your glass sealed with our popular and affordable option, EnduroShield Pro. This popular sealant reduces cleaning times and maintains the appearance of your glass well into its future.


Stone countertops have quickly become the new stylish feature in homes and properties where they are quick to set the tone for the entire kitchen. Manufactured stone requires far less maintenance and offers an excellent, hard-wearing lamination.

However, the stone should not be looked at as maintenance-free.

Chips along the edge of your countertop take away from what should be a clear and smooth surface. They weaken the countertop and increase the risk of further damage if left untreated.

You probably already wipe down your stone benchtop to remove oil, dust, and watermarks at the end of the day. However, sealing your stone is a permanent solution to completely protecting your stone and should be considered a high priority.

Having an unsealed stone benchtop increases the chance of permanent staining, water damage and all sorts of hard-to-repair problems.

1st Choice Fix can fix chips, cracks, and colour-match and seal your stone at a very affordable cost. We believe in repairing and restoring a material, when possible, rather than completely replacing it which ultimately costs you more.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has long been popular in a variety of different spaces around your home. However, although beautiful and sleek, stainless steel can still suffer from tea staining.

Polishing stainless steel will renew the shine and keep the finish bright and clean. Once polished, consider sealing the surface to reduce future maintenance and accompanying costs. Lifts with stainless steel walls and doors are commonly overlooked but can benefit from sealing with products such as EnduroShield.

1st Choice Fix is your experienced surface restoration and protection specialists who come ready with affordable solutions. With over 10 years of experience, we know what it takes to clean, repair and restore your damage. If you feel that your space needs some attention and maintenance, contact 1st Choice Fix today!

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